Logistics Support

Airfield Operations

SSDS operates VIP airport terminal facilities including ground, passenger, cargo and baggage handling to Australian Defence Force aircraft, foreign Defence-approved aircraft as well as visiting dignitaries and Heads of State.

Stores Management

Stores management services are primarily logistics functions to ensure that Defence personnel have the equipment they need, when they need it. The service encompasses storage, accounting, inventory control, identification of maintenance and issuing of equipment. Over 20 years supporting Defence capability, SSDS has developed a solid reputation for effectiveness and reliability in Stores management. We provide tailored solutions and infrastructure to comply with Management and Quality Assurance controls and Defence policy.

Transport Services

SSDS Transport Services offer fleet management solutions for Defence, including commercial vehicles and specialised Defence vehicles. In addition, we provide coach and bus transfers for Defence personnel, mail sorting and delivery services, courier services, ration and stores deliveries, patient transfers and VIP limousine services. SSDS is also experienced in the unique needs of military transport such as the safe movement of explosive ordnance and weapons.

Petrol, Oils And Lubricants (POL)

The SSDS POL service manages ground and aviation fuels, day-to-day management and operation of ‘kerbside refuelling points’, fuel testing and working with the Joint Fuels and Lubricants Agency (JFLA) to ensure accurate records management and reporting for this service line on https://www.locksmithspros.com/car.