Land Management Services

Catchment Management & Landscape Rehabilitation

SSDS offers holistic landscape management to reverse degrading processes as well as erosion remediation and revegetation. SSDS has the expertise to analyse degrading landscapes and implement rehabilitation programs to regain the natural balance. This may involve mechanical erosion control, erosion control structures, run off management, revegetation programs, fencing and ecological burns.

Fire Management

Within our Fire Management capabilities, SSDS offers risk management of fire prone landscapes to ensure that unplanned fires are safely contained or that mitigation is undertaken successfully. As Australia contains the world’s most fire prone landscapes, many ecosystems have evolved to be dependent on fire for their ongoing survival. Incorrect management or timing of fire can lead to detrimental impacts on the health of the landscape and reduce long term sustainability. SSDS has the expertise to balance these contrasting and complex needs with effective solutions.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

SSDS uses GIS to support the work of our Environmental Managers, report on environmental phenomena and comply with environmental regulations. Geographic information is used in conjunction with our environmental expertise to provide the knowledge to support informed decision making. GIS supports activities in managing fire, trees, feral and over abundant native animals, assessment of Range conditions, hydrological monitoring, vector control and cultural heritage. SSDS considers GIS to be a core component of its environmental operations and also offers spatial data management and project services including requirements modelling and gap analysis, data capture management and advice, process modelling, information management, geospatial analysis, cartography and training.

Landscape Management

SSDS is committed to providing an integrated approach to management of Defence training areas on the land and sea to meet the aims and objectives of integrated landscape management. Landscape management aligns and integrates separate environmental objectives such as weeds, feral animal, soil erosion and soil health, water quality and fire management programs into a seamless, long term sustainable program. SSDS has the expertise in the areas of landscape and soil ecology, weed, heritage and spatial information management, services which are critical to our customers for the successful implementation of landscape management.

Water Quality Management

Water quality is central to the integrity of the environment in which we live. Confidence in the quality of the water used and the water leaving our facilities is important to all of us. This confidence includes the knowledge that water quality is regulated by government standards and legislation. SSDS offers confidence in water resources and waste water through professional collection and analysis. We can provide professional analysis of groundwater and surface water, including a range of commonly tested physical and chemical properties. Using quality equipment, NATA certified laboratories and experienced staff, SSDS can meet water quality requirements quickly and efficiently.

Grounds Maintenance

SSDS performs a wide range of horticultural maintenance services including turf management, garden bed maintenance, sports turf maintenance, grounds cleaning, landscape construction projects and horticultural bedding displays. We maintain thousands of hectares of grounds assets including, airfields, historic homesteads, RAAF operations headquarters, sports facilities, environmental reserves and Defence ranges and training areas.

Pest & Vermin Control

SSDS manages the planned and unforseen control of pest and vermin in-house as well as in conjunction with professional subcontractors.