Estate Maintenance Services

Engineering Operations

Services include the operation of energy management systems, sewerage and water treatment plants, HV & LV reticulated services, bore water installations and swimming pools. EOS incorporates inspection, testing and maintenance of training assets, range live fire target equipment, playground equipment, water reticulation systems and non-sewered toilet facilities.

Expert Estate Advice

SSDS delivers an encompassing program of heritage and environmental onsite consultancy services.  Services include heritage evaluation and management planning services, environmental management systems review, development of environmental plans, conducting assessments, audits, statutory compliance reviews and peer reviews, natural resource evaluation, monitoring and management and a broad range of other consultancy services as required.

Fixed Plant & Equipment Maintenance

SSDS manages the maintenance requirements of plant and equipment encompassing planned maintenance schedules based on statutory requirements, Defence specified performance requirements and good engineering practices, response to urgent and unforeseen maintenance requests, ensuring minimal impact on operations.

General Estate Works Management

GEWM includes planned and reactive maintenance works to the estate not covered under Fixed Plant and Equipment. In general, GEWM relates to structural assets. GEWM tasks range from significant capital works projects to routine building maintenance activity.  Works are delivered by sub-contractors on a quote and order basis or through a formal tender process.