Advanced Locks & SSDS Access Control

10 November 15

Serco Sodexo Defence Services is the only specialist service in Australia that is a provider for the Australian Defence Force. Our services range from security to the maintenance of facilities, and also include clothing store management. We like to think out of the box and also look at the bigger picture when catering to the needs of the Australian Defence Force. We do this by first gaining a deep understanding of the local conditions and working out custom solutions to match them.

Because security and access control are primary concerns for private individuals, businesses, and the Defence Force alike, today we are going to explain the importance of in-house security services.

550 Qualified And Vetted Personnel

Serco Sodexo Defence Services is the unique dedicated Defence contractor that offers in-house security services to the Department of Defence. We employ no less than 550 fully qualified and vetted personnel, all dedicated to the protection of Defence bases. All of these people have unparalleled expertise when it comes to Australian Defence security. We use our advanced skills, experience, and rich knowledge and offer the following:

  • full access control to and from the Defence facilities; access control is best achieved with the help of advanced locks and security devices that can ensure a high degree of protection offer auto repairto buildings, equipment, and personnel. The Defence Force also uses army vehicles for training, transportation reasons, and missions. This automatically means additional repair and maintenance job done by security experts.

  • One solution is the installation of auto security systems in case the army vehicles do not have pre-installed ones like most modern day vehicles. An authorized automotive locksmith like the Authorized Locksmiths can handle the entire array of car locksmith services, including the installation or repair of car locks, ignition switch repair, transponder key reprogramming, car key cutting, or the installation/enabling/disabling of car alarms. They also handle commercial types of locksmith services; professional locksmiths who are licensed, insured, and well experienced will often times be used by security companies or hired to cater to the in-house needs of companies. They also provide locksmith tips like the ones here and provide free estimates for their service.

  • Being discreet and inconspicuous when going on missions will not only serve as protection against the theft of vehicles, but also prevent potential thieves from breaking into a vehicle curious to see if they can find something valuable inside. Army and Defense Force equipment and weapons are not only expensive, but also need to be kept away from civilians who are not trained or authorized to use them.

What Can A Professional Locksmith Do?

  • Buildings need advanced lock and surveillance mechanisms, including traffic locks, panic bars, and emergency exit door devices.

  • Professional locksmiths can install all of these items fast and easy, as well as help repair and maintain them periodically.

  • Fire escape devices as well as hydraulic and concealed door closer on gates or electric strike replacements are additional services that need to be used to ensure a higher degree of security.

  • Commercial locksmiths will also respond to emergencies such as lockouts caused by faulty locks or human error. Professionals normally offer 24-hour service and they can reach any address within half an hour or less from placing an emergency call to a dispatch number.

The Importance Of Monitoring And Surveillance

  • Mobile patrols also need to be used to to prevent and immediately address trespassing incidents.

  • Surveillance cameras installed in the right places and well maintained will also play a critical role in ensuring safe premises.